Information guests residences

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Information for guests of our residences

If you are a guest in our residences or guest houses, please consult this page.
Here you can find advice and information regarding:

Access to the residence

Laundry service

Room cleaning

Internet use

Car parking

Access to the residence

The external accesses to the residences are opened using the PASSY App.
To access the residence, before your arrival, you will receive an email from containing all the instructions for registering and downloading the PASSY App.

Consult the guide on how to use the PASSY APP

Laundry service

ESU provides the laundry service managed by Pasvens. You can communicate with the machines through the Orain App.

To use the service follow these steps:
1. DOWNLOAD the ORAIN App for Android or Apple
2. REGISTER with a Google Account, Facebook Account or via your email.
3. FIND your macine in the “scopri” section
4. SELECT the washing/dryer machine in the “macchine” section 
5. CHARGE your wallet easily with a prepaid or credit card
6. PROCEED payment and use the service

Each washing or drying cycle costs € 2.00

If something is wrong with the laundry machines, please contact the Pasvens operator directly on the number indicated on the machine or report the problem to the concierge.


All common parts of the residence are cleaned according to a predefined schedule. The cleaning of private and shared accommodation is the responsibility of the guests.
We advise everyone living in shared accommodation to create good cleaning routines for the common areas that everyone can follow. To find out what to wash and how often, see the cleaning tips below.

Here is a list of what should be cleaned and how often. The list can be a starting point for a cleaning list in the shared kitchen or as a list of tips on what to clean when you are in your own flat.

To be cleaned daily / after use when necessary
Worktops and walls near worktops
The hob
Kitchen taps and sinks
The microwave oven
Remove all waste

It should be cleaned weekly
Inside the cooker, including the cooking tray and grill pan
Stains and food remains in the refrigerator
Floors in all rooms
Tables and chairs
Bathroom taps and sinks
Toilets, both inside and outside

Should be cleaned every two weeks
Doors and door frames
The fronts of kitchen cupboards and drawers
The underside of all cabinets above kitchen worktops
Kitchen extractor hood above the cooker, including filter replacement
Clean dust from all light fittings

They should be cleaned monthly

Windows and window sills, both inside and outside
Ventilation fans (outside)
They should be cleaned before leaving the accommodation (in addition to all other cleaning)
Thoroughly wash the refrigerator, inside and outside, front and back
Empty and clean kitchen cabinets, drawers and shelves, inside and out
Ceilings and walls in every room

Contact us if you are unsure how to clean certain objects or areas.

All of the above items are thoroughly checked when you vacate your accommodation and during your stay.

The facilities are subject to periodic checks. If you detect insects in your accommodation or other areas of the residence, please report this to the concierge as soon as possible.


Internet use is included in the fees. A WiFi network is installed in each residence. In some cases you will also find other Ethernet sockets in your room or flat: these can be used to access the Internet. The service is managed via the provider Guglielmo.

See the guide on using the WiFi network

All enquiries relating to the Internet should be directed to the Guglielmo support service.


If you have a car, you can park it outside or inside the residence (not all residences have an internal car park). If you wish to use the car park, you will be charged a monthly fee of between €15.00 and €20.00 depending on whether it is uncovered or covered (subject to availability).