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Getting to know each other in front of a tray

Two directly managed restaurants and 14 affiliated canteens, with many options to satisfy every need.

Managed Restaurants

We directly manage 2 restaurants where, every day, you can choose between 3 types of first courses, 4 second courses, 2 hot side dishes and a rich salad buffet. If you prefer, we also have pizza, cheese, cold dishes, salads and much more.

Affiliated Canteens

Thanks to 14 agreements with various institutions and restaurants, we offer you the opportunity to enjoy a meal in other areas of Padua and the University. A variety of options to make the Unipd experience accessible and tasty.

Food Options – Today

Lunch and Dinner

Access to Food Services

Users access the computerized university canteens Nord Piovego, Agripolis, Pio X, Murialdo, Belzoni, Casa del Fanciullo, CIELS, Vicenza Contrà della Piarda, Rovigo Censer with the personal QR CODE generated by the ESUPd.EAT app.

From Monday, 11th of March 2024 the Pizzeria Agripolis will be open at the Agripolis canteen, in Viale dell’Università 16 – Legnaro.
The pizza must be booked through the ESUPd.EAT app and can be paid only through the electronic wallet (borsellino elettronico).

Download the guide – How to book the pizza at the Pizzeria Agripolis

The electronic wallet is a prepaid credit through PagoPA that can be spent at:
Nord Piovego food service (cashier 1)
Agripolis food service (cashier 3)
Agripolis Pizzeria
Canteen of the Padua Hospital (access reserved for students and healthcare specialists) Canteen of the Treviso Ca’ Foncello Hospital (access reserved for students and healthcare specialists).

Download the electronic wallet top-up guide

Students and specialists in the healthcare field can also access the canteen of the Padua Hospital and the canteen of the Padova Hospital and the Treviso Ca’ Foncello Hospital by BOOKING a meal, through the ESUPd.EAT App.

Download the guide

With paper meal vouchers, students from other parts of the University of Padua can access the following non-computerized facilities:
Conegliano at Casa Toniolo (via Galileo Galilei, 32 A);
Vicenza Hospital (access reserved for students and healthcare specialists);
Feltre Hospital (access reserved for students and healthcare specialists);
Rovigo Hospital (access reserved for students and healthcare specialists);
Rovigo at Caffè Nazionale (access reserved for students of the Rovigo Conservatory).

Paper meal vouchers must be purchased in advance online at the Student Desk and collected by showing the payment receipt at the faculty office of your degree course.

Download the paper meal vouchers guide

The food service card, meal reservations and paper meal vouchers are strictly personal and cannot be transferred.

The owner is responsible for their safekeeping and use. Improper use (like the transfer to third parties) of the food service card, meal reservation or paper meal voucher is sanctioned according to the rules for access to university food services.

Each student has the right to consume only one meal per day at midday and only one in the evening. Students who are entitled to a free meal can use it either for lunch or dinner.

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  • University Food Service Access Regulations A.Y. 2023/2024

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