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Registration Method


Log in with SPID, CIE, MyID

Reserved for Italian students and foreign students with an Italian identity card and residence permit.
International students who do not have a valid identity document and tax code cannot access.


Access via Student Portal

Reserved for international students who do not have an Italian document and tax code. . 
Enter ACCREDITATION, obtain username and password, and upload a valid passport in PDF format. With these documents you can activate the Student Help Desk area dedicated to accessing applications.


The application can be modified and completed before the deadline from the “Request for accommodation and scholarships for conservatory/ssml students” section of the Student Portal.


After CONFIRMING the application, access the “Completion of income data” area and enter the economic data taken from the ISEE 2023 Certification o ISEE University Parificato 2023.

For students resident in Italy enter::

– identification data of the ISEE certificate (INPS protocol number and date of issue)

For foreign or Italian students residing abroad, enter:

– release date


It is possible to integrate the data even after the deadline for submitting the application has passed, provided that the DSU has been submitted by the deadline, and the data is registered in the “Padua University Student Accommodation Request”.

Students enrolled simultaneously in two or more degree courses in any university institution in the national territory must complete the “Simultaneous Enrollment” section.


In the “Upload Documents” section of the Student Portal where any required documents must be inserted (e.g. ISEE Parificato certificate etc.)


Download ISEE 2024 guidelines

ISEE subsidized benefits for the right to university study

The maximum values established for the A.Y. 2023-2024 are:
– ISEE benefits for the DSU: euro 26,306.25
– ISPE (ISP divided by equivalence scale): euro 40,031.27

To issue the ISEE Certificate for subsidized benefits for the right to university study, the interested party must contact – well in advance of the Competition deadlines – the CAF where they will present their Single Self-Declaration (DSU).

The ISEE certificate issued must not present any discrepancies and/or omissions.

Pre-filled ISEE

With the pre-filled ISEE online service it is possible to send the Single Substitute Declaration (DSU) electronically to INPS and obtain the pre-filled ISEE certificate and avoid going to the CAF.

Current ISEE (valid until the deadline of the Notice)

It is an indicator calculated starting from an ordinary ISEE for the Right to University Education with the above requirements. Students who have had, in their family unit, a change in the working situation or a change of more than 20% in the patrimonial situation indicator can request it. The validity period of the current ISEE is six months, starting from the date of submission of the DSU. To request for the CURRENT ISEE one needs a valid ORDINARY ISEE. ATTENTION: the CURRENT ISEE is not the ORDINARY ISEE.
A copy of the Current ISEE must be inserted in the “Upload documents” area of the Student Portal.

ISEE University Parificato

The students:
– foreigners with a family unit NOT resident in Italy;
– foreigners resident in Italy (not self-employed) and with a family unit resident abroad;
– Italians residing abroad, whether or not registered in the Italian Registry of Residents Abroad (AIRE)

In order to obtain the ISEE university parificato they must contact, within the deadlines communicated in the notice, the CAF affiliated with ESU and the University of Padua.


The ISEE Parificato is an official certificate that indicates the student’s economic situation in a given year based on family status, income, assets and expenses. The student will need to provide information and documentation about their family’s annual income and assets. The student must complete and sign a specific proxy, available on the University page (it is recommended to indicate the e-mail address in a clear and understandable way, to facilitate communications and the ISEE).

View the university page

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