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With over 1500 beds in 15 residences, ESU offers students of the University, Conservatories and High Schools for Linguistic Mediators a safe place of socialization and hospitality to experience the city of Padua.
In addition, ESU provides 4 university guesthouses for short stays of international, priority non-EU, university-related guests.


ESU residences offer a variety of welcoming accommodations, ideal for study and social interaction, with a strong commitment to the quality of the environment, the space and the culture. A concierge is active during the academic year and there is support for students with disabilities. The cost of the rooms, varying between 135 and 420 euros per month, is calculated based on merit, economic condition and type of residence. The service covers the academic year and it offers summer accommodation for those that are eligible.


ESU welcomes international guests to Padua who are primarily non-EU and part of the university world and traveling for study or work. We offer modern and well-equipped facilities, close to the main university campuses and conveniently connected to the city center.

The offer varies from rooms to suites, with weekly or monthly accommodation, up to a maximum of 6 months. Additional services, which may vary for each structure, are designed to guarantee a comfortable stay, including concierge, Internet connection, laundry and more.

How to apply

Applications for accommodation must be submitted in electronic format to the Student Desk and submitted by the deadline in the manner described in the notice.

View the notice page

1. Enter the Student Desk, enter all your data and an identity document in PDF format. You will be asked to enter a password – remember it because you will have to use it later! (use SPID if in your possession and go directly to point 4)

2. You will receive a confirmation email with your USER CODE.

3. Go to Student Desk and log in with the user code that you received in the confirmation email and the password you chose.

4. Choose the academic year you are applying for, enter “Guesthouse – Guesthouse Request” and fill out the form.

5. You will receive an automatic email confirming that your request has been sent. Then you will be contacted with a ticket in case of missing data: all subsequent communications will always be sent via ticket on the portal. So, to check the presence of communications or make requests, it is necessary to access the portal by entering user code and login.

The procedure to complete the Accommodation form must be completed in the Student Desk.

1. Prepare the scan of a valid identity document (for NON-EUROPEAN users only the passport is valid) in pdf format (maximum size 3Mb). 

You will be asked to pick a password: make a note of it, because you will have to use it every time you access the portal!

2. You will receive an email confirming your registration, including your User Code to use to access the portal.

3. Prepare a passport photo in jpg format, maximum 1 MB, with dimensions 220×280 pixels. Log in to the Student Desk using your User Code and password.

4. At the top left, make sure that the academic year 2023/24 is selected, and then click on “Mobility Accommodation – Form: request for accommodation for incoming students invited by the Mobility Sector” and fill out the form. 

It is NOT possible to choose which University Residence to be assigned to.

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