Regional tax for the right of education

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The regional tax for the right to university study is the contribution that students are required to pay, pursuant to Legislative Decree no. 68/2012, Law no. 549/1995 and Veneto Region Laws no. 15/1996 and no. 15/2013, at the time of enrolment or matriculation for each academic year for degree courses, single-cycle specialisation degree, master’s degree and similar.

The above-mentioned laws provide for the exemption from payment of the regional tax for students declared winners in the relative rankings, for students who have been granted eligibility in the rankings for the allocation of these benefits and for students with disabilities who have been exempted from payment of enrolment fees by their respective universities in the academic year of reference.


ESU DI PADOVA is the accounting agent for the Veneto Region for the collection of the regional tax from students enrolled in the following higher education institutions:

·   Conservatorio di musica di Adria;
·   Conservatorio di musica di Castelfranco Veneto;
·   Conservatorio di musica di Padova;
·   Conservatorio di musica di Rovigo;
·   Conservatorio di musica di Vicenza;
·   Scuola per mediatori linguistici Ciels di Padova e sezione distaccata di Roma;
·   Scuola per mediatori linguistici SSML Vicenza e sede distaccata di Belluno;
·   Scuola per mediatori linguistici LIMEC Milano.

These institutions will be referred to below as ‘ESU-related institutions’.

The amount established by the Veneto Region through the annual DGR approving the ‘Annual Regional Plan for the implementation of the Right to University Studies.

The amounts are set as follows

Academic Year 2024/2025: € 186.00

Academic Year 2023/2024: € 184.00

Payment is due and binding for the purposes of enrolment in the individual Institution.


1. Access to Mypay Regional System by selecting ESU Padova

2. Select ‘Other payment types’ and indicate ‘DSU regional tax’

3. Fill in the form by entering your data and the amount for the Academic Year for which you intend to pay the amount

4. Proceed step by step to payment, always indicating your personal data.


The regulations referred to in the general provisions provide for the exemption from payment of the regional tax with the consequent right to reimbursement of the amount paid in favour of students enrolled in one of the institutions belonging to ESU listed above who meet one of the following conditions or have one of the following requirements:

1. ESU scholarship “Winner(s)” in the definitive lists as enrolled in one of the institutions belonging to ESU or “Eligible(s)” in the definitive lists as enrolled in one of the institutions belonging to ESU: these are the students who meet the eligibility requirements but to whom the scholarship is not paid due to the exhaustion of funds

For students enrolled at institutions belonging to ESU who are winners or eligible in the final list for the grant, the reimbursement of the regional tax for the right to study paid at the time of enrolment is made automatically by ESU without the need for any application.

2. Students who have made a double payment for the same academic year as enrolled/admitted to more than one Veneto institution. In the event of simultaneous enrolment in two institutions, one of which is related to ESU, the reimbursement must be requested from the institution not related to ESU;

A refund of the regional fee is provided for if, for reasons related to free/programmed access matriculation tests, students have made a first payment at Esu and a second payment of the regional fee at another institution.

Claims for reimbursement will be subject to control and will only be accepted after it has been ascertained that:

·   Confirmation of both payments
·   Confirmation of enrolment at the new university

In the case of simultaneous dual enrolment, reimbursement must always be requested from the non-ESU institution.

3. Students who transfer or drop out to another non-ESU institution before the start of classes;

A refund of the regional fee is provided for students who transfer from an institution belonging to ESU to a Veneto university only if the transfer takes place before the start of classes.

These claims will be checked with the relevant institutions and reimbursement will only be granted if, on the basis of the checks carried out, it is confirmed:

·   Transfer and re-enrolment at another Veneto university
·   The new regional tax payment

No reimbursement for transfers to non-Venetian institutions.

Refunds of the regional fee are granted to students who formally withdraw from their studies at their institution by the start date of classes.

5. Students under Career Suspension or Freezing;

6. Students who have a disability rate of more than 66% declared to the institution of enrolment or have a disability within the meaning of Article 3 paragraph 1 and/or paragraph 3 of Law 104/92 declared to the institution of enrolment.

University students who find themselves in one of the following conditions:

·   Disability rate of more than 66%.
·   Acknowledgement of a disability pursuant to Art. 3 paragraph 1 of law 104/92

are exempt from paying the regional tax, but it should be noted that they are required to declare this condition to their institution, in accordance with the procedures requested by their secretary. If students have mistakenly paid the amount of the regional tax, they may submit a request for reimbursement. ESU will ask the institutions for confirmation of the condition declared by the student and if it is not confirmed, will ask the student to document it. If the student does not provide proof of the disability/invalidity, the request for reimbursement of the regional fee paid cannot be accepted.

We recommend that you check that you have provided the secretariat of your institution of enrolment with appropriate documentation proving your condition before proceeding with your application.

7. A refund of a payment not due is provided for after verification of the error.


Students who meet the requirements for reimbursement may submit an application for reimbursement of the regional fee exclusively via the online procedure

The procedure is active on the student counter and must be presented by filling in the form in the “Regional Tax Refund Request” section.

The regional tax refund application must be completed in all mandatory fields, paying attention to the IBAN field: the application must be confirmed by clicking the “Confirm” button.

It is necessary to upload in the “upload documents” area of the Student Desk a pdf copy of the payment receipt of the Regional Tax for which reimbursement is requested.

Applications for reimbursement of the Regional Fee for the 2023/2024 academic year submitted no later than 30.06.2024 will be accepted.

Incomplete applications or applications completed online but not confirmed will not be accepted.


The reimbursement procedure for the regional fee is carried out periodically in accordance with the timeframe for reimbursements made ex officio by ESU.

There is no communication by name of the outcome of the investigation carried out by ESU.

The reimbursement procedure on applications submitted online involves preliminary investigation activities, the outcome of which is communicated via ticket on the Student Counter.

There are no refunds by name for individual applications.

All reimbursements are approved by a decree issued by the Director of ESU to which the list of beneficiaries (identified by the Student Code) is always attached.


For students enrolled in the first years, the ex officio reimbursement of the regional tax is arranged after the disbursement of the second instalment of the grant.

For students enrolled in the years following the first year, the ex officio reimbursement of the regional tax is only envisaged when the benefit is maintained and will be arranged after the grant has been disbursed. In the event of withdrawal or transfer during the academic year of enrolment, the student will have to make the payment again.

Four tranches of annual payments are made, the timing of which is indicative and summarised in the table below:

·   Students enrolled in subsequent years: from December

·   First-years enrolled students: starting in May, for the attainment of 20 credits by 30 April

·   First-years enrolled students: starting in October, for the attainment of 20 credits by 10 August

·   First-year enrolled students: from January of the academic year following the one in which the scholarship was awarded, for the achievement of 20 credits by 30 November.

The reimbursement of the regional fee is provided solely by bank credit to the IBAN details indicated in the online application.

ESU will settle payments by crediting the current accounts or prepaid cards of the student, opened at an Italian or international credit institution adhering to the SEPA circuit in the name of or co-owned by the student requesting the reimbursement and provided with an IBAN code.

It is not possible to use postal passbooks even if they have an IBAN.

Following the outcome of the checks carried out as mentioned above, the reimbursement will be credited no later than 30 days from the date of publication of the Esu Director’s decree approving the reimbursement.

Please note: the 30-day period does not start from the date on which the request is completed and transmitted online.

If you wish to change an IBAN already communicated on the application, you must contact the Right to Study Sector via ticket ( > Right to Study) and communicate the IBAN change for the specific application.

Please note that current accounts not in the name of the student requesting reimbursement are not allowed.


The regional fee reimbursement will not be granted by ESU in the following cases:

·   Students and first-year students who have been found to be “Ineligible” and “EXCLUDED” in the final ranking list of the Scholarship;
·   Students and first-year students who have been awarded a scholarship and who have not achieved academic merit as envisaged in the relevant Competition Notice;
·   Students in subsequent years who have been awarded scholarships and who lose their eligibility following a merit and/or financial assessment;
·   Students in subsequent years who have been found to be “Ineligible” “EXCLUDED” in the final list of scholarships;
·   Students with financial debts owed to ESU until the debt is settled;
·   Students with current withdrawal instalments referring to ESU benefits up to the settlement of the debt;
·   Reasons given in the application for reimbursement not confirmed by the checks carried out;
·   Incomplete online application;
·   Online application not CONFIRMED;
·   Online application completed but not transmitted by the deadline;
·   Waiver of studies after the deadlines set by the respective universities for the start of lessons.

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