ANDISU, the national association of bodies for the right to university study, was founded in 1997 with the aim of constituting a point of reference and coordination between the bodies that provide services for the right to university study.

Since each region manages this matter autonomously, the 37 associated bodies have different structures and sizes. In some regions there is only one with jurisdiction over the entire regional territory, in others there are several, usually located in the cities where the universities are located. The association also includes universities or university companies entrusted with the management of services.

Thanks to its work and expertise, the association has become a point of reference for the Ministry of Universities and Research, to the point of being called upon to participate in the technical tables that draw up the main legislative proposals on the right to study.

ANDISU’s aims include the promotion and development of relations and exchanges of information between Italian and foreign bodies for the right to university study, universities, institutions of Higher Education in Art, Music and Dance (AFAM), national student representatives and Italian and foreign bodies operating in the field of the right to university study and, more broadly, university education the elaboration of guidelines and strategic lines of development to foster the implementation of the interventions aimed at ensuring the right to university studies, the cooperation with the Regions and the Institutions responsible for the Right to University Studies policies in order to achieve a greater coordination in the planning and guidance activities, in the most effective use of the available resources and in the definition of the criteria for the provision of services and benefits the realisation of training activities dedicated to the employees of the associated bodies/organisations, the organisation of moments of comparison on issues and good practices concerning the Right to University Studies also with similar international realities.

From 1 January 2024, the association is based at ESU Padua following the appointment of the Director of Padua as its Secretary General.

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