What's ESU

​Introducing Padova's ESU ​


ESU of Padova is the regional company for the Right to University Education.
Norms regulating the right to university education exist to offer students in financial difficulty the possibility to access university education and gain a degree. ESU offers students different kinds of help: financial aid, accommodation and food service, cultural events and more. Some services have been created to guarantee ESU services to students fulfilling specific requirements about merit rankings and income.  Therefore, they are offered to a restricted number of students (following a ranking). 

Some other services are offered to all students, with preferential rates and fees according to their income. According to Italian law, those services are supervised by the Regions, following the regulations about the administrative decentralisation program.
In the Veneto Region, and specifically in Padova, the University of Padova and Padova's ESU are the authorities that supervise and manage the Right to Education norms.


The Regional Law n. 8 of 7th April 1998along with other norms, regulates the fulfilment​ of the services concerning the Right to University Education and is directed to students enrolled at the University of Padova, to the students of the higher training courses of the Conservatories and to the students of the Schools for Cultural and Linguistic Mediators.

More norms about the Right to Education:

Regional Law n.8 of 7th April 1998;

Prime Minister's Decree of 9th April 2001;

Legislative Decree n.68 of 29th March 2012;​

Regional Committee Resolution n. 820 of 8th June 2018.

By following the subsequent links, you can find out  who manages ESU, where are ESU's offices and how to get there,  the address book to contact ESU's different offices, and ESU's strategic goals.

Periodically, ESU publishes and publicises a publication called "Social Balance sheet", with a social report of the administration, directed to the company's stakeholders.

For more information about ESU's administration and on the company's general legislation, follow this link  Transparent Administration, that can be consulted according to the Legislative Decree n. 33 of 14th March 2013.