Studying in Padova

​Student's Guides


ESU and Padova University have published some guides to explain to students not only the educational and the Right to Education services, but also the many cultural events and free time activities the city has to offer.

Publications were updated in the a.y.​ 2011 - 2012.

    Guida - Agenda Studiare a Padova 

     (N.B. a.y. 2011 - 2012)​

  • Helpful handbook that accompanies the students following the academic calendar, "Studiare a Padova" (St​udying in Padova) is an organiser and a guide combined.

    A "handbook" dedicated to the university experience, for students to carry around, consult, take notes and write down thoughts and memories, following the academic calendar. To keep up on services and opportunities for students and start enjoying the city hosting them.


Living in Padova - University city 

(N.B. a.y. 2011 - 2012)​

Padova: the "right" home for citizens and students... respect of the rules is paramount for a peaceful cohabitation

This guide is an informative tool about rent contracts for students and on searching for a place to live in the city.

The "Abitare a Padova" (Living in Padova) guide was created thanks to the collaboration between ESU, Financial Guard, University and Municipality of Padova, to promote awareness on rent contracts for students, tenants and real estate companies.

The Guide describes the different types of contracts established by law, underlining the economic convenience and suggesting the right behaviour to follow in order to avoid accidents and risks of potential illegality. For further information, a glossary of the renting technical terms and the addresses of the local services, are also available.

The pdf files on students rent contracts are also available by clicking on this link. ​

Publications concerning the educational offer, continuously updated, are available in the appropriate section of the website of the University of Padova.