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Accommodation in Padova for exchange students



logo sassa.JPGSASSA Service/ESU Accommodation offers solution to the search of accommodation for students taking part in Erasmus+ Mobility for Studies & SEMP, Coimbra, Double ans Joint Degrees and other bilateral exchange programs created by the University of Padua.

Founded as an accommodation office, SASSA also provides other services not only related to accommodation. Students are helped with gathering and completing the documents required for enrolment and application for the residence permit and are given useful information in order not to lose their head in the first moments of their stay.

All the students belonging to Exchange Programs arriving in Padova must fill the Accommodation Form online, even if they are staying in a private apartment.

The number of students searching for a place in Padova is very high; there are many kind of accomodation, including ESU residence, private colleges and private apartments.          

Halls of Residences are not able to satisfy all the requests (halls can be managed by private owners and by ESU Regional Agency  for Study Right). For this reason the students interested in staying in a ESU Hall of Residence must request  it by filling the Accommodation Form very early. The number of rooms is limited.


Accommodation Form

Exchange student at the University of Padua



1. If you are an Exchange student, the Accommodation form is mandatory even though you do not need a place at a hall of residence.​



2. Register all your data HERE (prepare your ID/Passport in .pdf format). You will also be asked to put a passwordremember it, because you will have to use it !

- ATTENTION! If you only have an Italian citizenship you are requested to enter ESU Services exclusively by SPID



3. You will receive a confirmation of registration email with your USERNAME.



4. ​Login at “Servizi Online - Sportello Studente” with your USERNAME you received and the password you chose.



5. Choose your academic year, click on “Sassa - Accommodation Form” and fill it in. Prepare a passport-size picture maximum size 1 MB (this photo will be used for your student card).



6. You will receive an automatic confirmation email. In case of missing data, you will be contacted with a ticket on “Servizi Online - Sportello Studente”.



7. Check the Sassa Service pages for any information you may need.


FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

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