Educational and Career Guidance

ESU can assist you in choosing your educational path and provide you with advice for your professional life after graduation


Learn to choose, to know ones abilities, collect information on learning and working opportunities... these are important actions that build someone's personal and professional future, actions and decisions that can change someone's life. 

SpaziOrientamento is a service offered by Padova's ESU – the Regional Company for the Right to Higher Education – its main task is help high school students, recently graduated students and university students providing different services:

- help in choosing their university career, considering their personal preferences, offering support when needed, providing information on the educational offer and on the services for students. Click here for more information;

- in the event that you may face difficulties during your studies or you may need to revise your choices, SpaziOrientamento is available for information or support, to enable you to get the very best out of your university experience, assist you with advice, information and opportunities of comparison. Click here for more information;

- the service will also help you promote your personal abilities, acknowledge and use your potential, interests and talents while entering the labour market. Click here for more information. 

In the Information and Guidance Centre in Via Ospedale Civile 19 - Padova, you will find expert professionals who can help you chose the right solution for your professional and educational future, with free services and events.​​