Publishing Procedure

​​Constant monitoring and control of the information published and of the online services supplied to users


​According to the Public Administration Directive n. 8 of 2009 and the following Guidelines for the Public Administration webpages, i.e. Linee Guida per i siti web della PA (art.4 della Direttiva n.8/2009 del Ministro delle pubblica amministrazione e l'innovazione)Public Administrations have to appoint one or more people in charge of the publishing procedure (Rpp). Such people will be responsible for the contents of the website, and have to guarantee the constant quality of the published material in terms of pertinence, accuracy, and updating.

Responsibles of the publishing procedure are also in charge of coordinating the management between the published material, the online information, and the drafting process of the company.

They have to gather the warnings on  obsolete information, that is to say collect the information that point to the lack of correspondence between the material published on the website and its sources.

The company appointed the following empolyees as responsible for the publishing procedure:

Dr Valente Roberta


conferring to them the following tasks:

- management of the drafting process; 

- quality control of the information and conformity to its sources;

- coordination with the editors;

- gathering warnings​;

- content approval and operative management of the publication;

- online administrative procedures management about the information published and the services offered to users.

Warnings or requests not concerning information published in the website would not be processed