MyPay - Electronic payments to public administration

​New public administration electronic payment tool to meet the needs of our clients.​


Padova's ESU, in compliance with what decided by the Code of Digital Administration, has introduced a new online tool that enables some services to be paid electronically. 

Specifically, the following types of payments can be done with this new tool: 

A - Deposits from abroad

B - ESU estate

C - Student fines

D - Regional Tax for the right to university education*

E - Benefits reimbursement​**

F - Housing fees

G - Deposit/Security deposit from housing

H - Good Meal


* to arrange payment of the TR via MyPay students enrolled/enrolling to the conservatories of music of Padua, Vicenza, Rovigo, Adria, Castelfranco Veneto and to the linguistic mediation schools of Padua, Vicenza, Ciels, who have a fiscal code. Students enrolled at the same time to other Universities of the Veneto Region are exempted. More informations.

** ESU grants or other benefits can be repaid to ESU in case of revocation of eligibility.


Padova's ESU uses the portal of the Veneto Region called MyPay.

This allows clients to make the above listed payments SPONTANEOUSLY and ANONYMOUSLY, i.e. without the need to register a user name


Following a brief guide on how to make the payment:

1. Access the MyPay portal

2. Select Pagamenti Anonimi (Anonymous Payments)

3. For payments A,B,C,D,E,H in the section Spontaneo (Spontaneous), from the box Tipo Dovuto (Type of Payment), select the type wanted and then click on Procedi (Proceed)

4. Complete the form with the information requested (confirm you are not a robot), then press Aggiungi al carrello (Add to cart)

3/4bis. For payments type F and G, in the section Avviso (Notice), complete the form with the information required. Such information can be found in the email sent to your account, then Procedi  (Proceed)


5. Wait to receive the receipt email and then proceed by clicking on the sent link*


6. CARRELLO (CART): The content of ones cart is shown. Click on Procedi (Proceed)

7. CHOICE of​ PSP: A list of Prestatori di Servizi di Pagamenti (PSP - Payment Service Providers) are available. Select the preferred one, according to the types of payment offered and to the commission costs. Then click on Procedi (Proceed)

8. PERSONAL INFORMATION: Complete the form with the information of the debtor (if different from the person actually making the payment). Then click on Procedi (Proceed)

9. SUMMARY: The information submitted and the choice of PSP is summarised. Then click on Procedi al pagamento (Proceed to Payment)

10. The payment is done on the PSP portal with the selected tool (see point 8) 

11. RESULT: You receive the outcome of the payment. A receipt will be sent to the email address provided



You can use the MYPAY payment service only if in possession of the Fiscal Code (Italian Codice Fiscale).

Each stage of the payment process can be abandoned at any time.​ 

*  If the time between the receipt of the email (step 5) and the completion of the process is more than 5 minutes, the operation will be cancelled and you will have to start over.

The receipt confirm the success of the payment and has full discharge value towards the Company


For problems related to the operation of the service and the outcome of the payment services, please contact ​SupportoPagoPA (Payments to Public Administration - Support).