ESU's Library

Library and consultation room


ESU offers students a catalogue of about 6.000 updated academic textbooks, in the Circulating Library named "Vittore Branca".

Book Loan Procedure:

ESU offers a book loan service to promote the diffusion of scientific and educational material amoung students.

The loan is granted to students enrolled in Padova University, with a vaild ID. The loan lasts a moth. It can be renewed for a further month by paying a rental fee of 5 €.

Address and opening time.

Book Search:

The library's books are catalogued in the Padova's University On-line Public Automated Catalogue (OPAC). Click here to start searching.

Users can also use the computer inside the library to consult the catalogue.

Consultation Room:

Inside the library, students can also find an air-conditioned study and consultation room with 96 seats. The access is granted to anyone in possession of the ESU or University badge and has requested the activation during the first access.

Students enrolled in Padova University can also access a free WiFi service, filling in the form available at this link.

Address and opening times.