FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

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How can I contact SASSA?SASSA

Service is open all year round (except on public holidays), from Monday to Friday from 9 AM to 1 PM, Monday and Wednesday also from 3 PM to 6 PM. You can contact us by email at


When should I contact SASSA?

You can apply for a place at ESU residences from mid May, to June 30th if your stay in Padova starts in the fall semester, or  if your Erasmus period is for the whole academic year. If your stay in Padova starts on the second semester, you can apply from September 1st and ​your deadline is on November 15th. Fill the accommodation form on ESU website!


What do I have to do to use the SASSA services?

You have to fill in the online Accommodation Form on ESU website following the below procedure:

1. Register all your data HERE (prepare your ID/Passport in .pdf format). You will also be asked to put a password: remember it, because you will have to use it !

2. You will receive a confirmation of  registration email with your USERNAME (the automatically calculated CODICE FISCALE)

3. Login at “Servizi Online - Sportello Studente”   with the USERNAME you received and the password  you chose.

4. Click on “Sassa Accommodation Form” and fill it. Prepare a passport-size picture of you, maximum size 1 MB (this photo will be used for your student card).

5. You will receive an automatic confirmation email. In case of missing data, you will be contacted with a ticket on “Servizi Online - Sportello Studente”.

6. Check the Sassa Service pages for any information you may need.

7. The Accommodation form is mandatory even though you do not need a place a ta Hall of residence.


What is the Accommodation Form and what’s for?

The Accommodation Form is an online form that all exchange students have to fill to request a  place at ESU Residences and to get help in finding a room in Padova. Furthermore, the Accommodation form is compulsory for all the exchange students coming to Padova, as it is needed to complete the enrolment procedures, and it is compulsory also for the students who do not need a place. In case you arrive at Sassa without having filled it, you will need to come back only after having completed the online procedure.


Who gives us the room keys?

If you have a place in one of the ESU Residences, keys can be collected directly at the reception on arrival. If you have a place in a private apartment keys are given by the landlord/lady or by the students who offer the place.


When can I get the keys?

Only after the signature of the assignation papers at SASSA Service, keys can be collected at the Residence. In case your arrival is after office time or during weekends, you can go to the residence directly, then you will go to SASSA as soon as the office opens. ​If you are staying in a private apartment you should make arrangements with the landlord.


What’s the best way to get around Padova?

Padova is quite a small town so most students have a bike. You can buy an old bike or lend a bike from one of the services in town.​ Otherwise you can use the bus service.


How far is student accommodation from the centre and the University?

Apart from Agripolis located 9 km far from the city centre (School of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine), ​the deparments  are in the centre or just outside the walls. There is no university campus so all accommodation is in town. You shouldn’t be more than 20/25 minutes away from university by bike.


How long does it take to find a house?

Since your arrival in Padova, it will take at least 2-3 working days to find a place in a private house. We recommend to start the research well ahead you arrival, in order to have more chances to find a room.


Where should I go when in Padova?

You should come first to SASSA Service where you’ll be given instructions. If you already got a place to stay or you don’t want to use our service you should come here anyway to find out how to register and get your student card.


Can I choose a room in a ESU Residence (single or double)?

No, you can only indicate your preference. The number of available places, and in particular single rooms, is less than the request. You will know what type of room you have obtained at the moment of allocation (after receiving the accommodation offer).


Can I choose which ESU Residence to stay in?

No, but also here you can indicate a preference. In any case places are allocated by SASSA according to the indicated arrival and departure dates and according to the residences in which places for exchange students are available. If possible, expressed preferences are taken into consideration.


What happens if I want to give up a place in a ESU Residence?

In case of cancellation of your stay in Padova after having paid the deposit, the deposit itself will be reimbursed only in serious and attested cases (illness, accidents, etc.) and with written notification at least 15 days before the scheduled arrival. Any cost of bank transfer will be on student’s charge. Otherwise, the deposit will be held by ESU as compensation. If cancellation occurs after arrival in Padova, it has to be communicated by written notification at least 30 days before and one month rent will be requested, in addition to the loss of the deposit. Only for contracts ending at the end of July, it is possible to reduce them to the end* of February, requesting it not later than November 15th by e-mail to (*the can vary according to the year)​


Can I see the room before I accept the place?

In a private apartment you can see the room first. You can only see your room in the residence after getting the keys. You can find some information on ESU residences on the website.


Can I change the room once I’ve accepted it?

It’s not that easy. You can only do so after having found another person (concerning the private apartment). In ESU Residence it is not possible to change the assigned room.


What do I find in the room?

In the room you will find in your bedroom blankets, bed cover and mattress cover. You need to bring bed sheets, pillow and towels with you. Kitchen stuff is not provided in ESU residences; if you are in a private apartment you will need to contact your landlord/lady​.


How does internet work in ESU residences?

Internet connection in ESU residences is provided by Fastweb, not by ESU.  Wireless connection is available in all the common areas of the residences and in all rooms. The first time you connect you are requested to register to the provider home page with your mobile number.


Who can I address to if I have a problem?

For any problem concerning accommodation you can contact us. We will do everything possible to help. For academic problems you should contact the Mobility Unit of the Projects and Mobility Office of the University of Padua​ (let us know if you have problems though, as we can always give you some advice).


What differences will I find between my country and Padova?

If you have chosen to come to Padova you will have to get used to its good and bad points. There is not a campus university and it’s got 60,000 students. You’re not in England, France, Spain or Germany so try to avoid saying "but in Germany it’s like this….", "in France we have this…." etc. You will certainly find yourselves in a different environment. If you know how to get around any initial problems you will have a great stay. Remember that there’s an office here to help you!


When can I have access to my room?

From the date indicated in the accommodation offer for ESU Residence places, and from the date agreed with the landlord for a private apartment.


How is rent paid?

For ESU accommodation rent is paid through the Online Service MyPay, a certified online payment.
Tutorial for online payment

If you have to pay in cash, you can print the QR code from the Online Sportello
Studente and use it to pay at a bank, post office or authorized tobacconist.
Tutorial for NOT online payment

or private apartments it depends on the landlord though you are usually asked to pay cash or make a transfer  into a bank account.


Why do I have to pay a deposit?

The deposit is ​required to confirm acceptance of a place , to cover for any damage and as a guarantee of correct behaviour. In a private apartment you are usually asked for two or three months’ rent, for ESU Residences it’s 350 €.


What languages are spoken at SASSA office?

Italian, English and Spanish.


Can I have my address in Padova before I get there?

If you have been assigned a room in the residences, you will be communicated the name of the residence (and the address) in the accommodation offer. If Sassa helps you in finding a flat, the appointments with landlord/ladies will be scheduled only when in Padova. If you found a room before your arrival you will have to ask to the landlord/landlady or flat-mates.


Who will I find at SASSA office?

You’ll find enthusiastic young people who will try to do everything to help you, not just with your house-hunting.


What’s the difference between the Accommodation Form and the Learning Agreement or other documents?

To use SASSA services you have to fill in the Accommodation Form that you can find on ESU di PADOVA website. There’s no point in sending your university’s Application Form, learning agreement or other documents. These documents should be sent to the Mobility Unit of the Projects and Mobility Office of the University of Padua.​


Which documents should I bring with me?

- An identity document valid for your full period of stay in Italy (non EU students should have either a study visa or a valid European residence permit for stays longer than 3 months);​

- European Health Insurance Card or a letter from any private insurance company with policy dates;

- A letter from your university (not the contract) as proof of your Erasmus status;

- Non EU students who ask for the permit of stay need to bring 4 identical passport sized photos.