Private Rented Sector



SASSA Service provides help to find a place in the private rented sector to the students taking part in international exchange programmes who send the Accommodation Form within the deadline (first semester, June 30th - second semester, November 15th). Students who do not send the accommodation form or send it late have to find a place in the private rented sector by themselves.

It is NOT possible to book a place. SASSA puts students in touch with the people offering places on their arrival. Only when you arrive in Padova (never before) the address of an apartment is given and an appointment  to visit the flat is scheduled.

Many websites give information about rooms and apartments for rent, and lately many students have found a place in the private rented sector through the internet before arriving in Padua. For those who are not assigned a place at ESU residence, it is recommended to start looking for a place well in advance surfing the web in order to get an insight into the offered rooms and in case to get in touch with some landlords/ladies.

Finding a single room is difficult. Those who have a grant only for three or four months will face extreme difficulty in finding a place in private apartments.

Most of the offered places are situated outside the historic centre. For this reason a lot of students are obliged to search for an accommodation outside the city centre, because of space (the historic centre is limited by its medieval walls) and economy (rooms in the centre are a limited number and prices are very high).

It is advised to arrive from Monday to Wednesday as SASSA office is closed during weekends, and most students offering a place leave Padova from Friday afternoon till Monday morning.

In general, most places are available from the beginning of the month and especially in September-October (first term) and February-March (second term); during the other months it is harder to find a free place.

Charges (water, electricity, gas, etc.) are usually not included in the monthly rent; however they might be included when the period of stay is short. Charges are approximately from 25€ to 150€ (to share among flat-mates), while rents depend on the location of the apartment, what is provided, etc. Usually the price for a place in a double room varies from 180€ to 250€, a single room from 230€ to 350€ (prices without bills included). When accepting a place a deposit will be required, usually equal to one to three months’ rent directly payable to the landlord.

Economic and legal matters are to be agreed between the student and the institution or landlord/lady providing accommodation. SASSA service disclaims all responsibility for problems arising with contracts drawn up between students and landlords, or for any controversy that may arise from the inappropriate conduct of either of the two parties.