Food Service and Canteens

Use the ESUPd.EAT app to access the canteen service


Canteen service users shall use the ESUPd.EAT app to buy their meals in the following canteens: Nord Piovego, Agripolis, Belzoni, Pio X, Murialdo, Rovigo Censer, Vicenza self service.
The ESUPd.EAT app can be downloaded for free from the app stores.

Users shall scan the TESSERINO MENSA QR CODE generated by the ESUPd.EAT app at the cashier desk.

Click here to download the user's guide to the app and watch the tutorial video on Youtube

Nowadays, ESU offers its food services through 2 University canteens and 12 affiliated canteens.

How to access the University's food services

Access to the services is regulated by the University Food Service Access Regulations, updated every year. 

Students will have access to the food services through the TESSERINO MENSA QR CODE available in the ESUPd.EAT app.

Click here to download the user's guide to the app.

  1. The TESSERINO MENSA QR CODE generated by the ESUPd.EAT app is strictly personal.
    It cannot be lent to others, and the owner is responsible for its use and safekeeping.

  2. Every student can receive one lunch and one dinner per day

  3. Students who are entitled to a free meal can enjoy it indifferently for lunch or dinner.

  4. Students who do not possess their TESSERINO MENSA QR CODE will have to pay the E TARIFF.

Students are kindly requested to read carefully the norms to access the service, its features, as well as the Warnings and Sanctions sections.

Information can improve the use of the service.


For more information on access criteria to the food services contact the Settore Diritto allo Studio.


For any user who is not connected to the University or anyone interested in signing an agreement, contact the Restaurant Service.