ESU Food Services

Two structures directly managed by ESU​


ESU directly manages three structures, offering 1,000,000 meals per year and guaranteeing its services are ISO 9001:2008 certified.

Each day a wide choice of dishes is available: three first courses, four second courses, two side dishes, cold meals, and a salad buffet. For further information check out the composition of the whole or reduced meal.

RistorESU "Nord Piovego"

RistorESU "Nord Piovego" is located in Padova, in Via G. Colombo, 1.

It is a restaurant, a pizza place, and café, and it is very close to many University departments. On its own, it offers 500,000 meals per year. about 600 seats are available, as well as 6 meal distribution points.

In this RistorESU you can find, alongside to the classical meals options, pizzas, salads, and panini. 
Notice: Pizzeria is temporarly closed.

RistorESU "Agripolis"

RistorESU "Agripolis" is located in Legnaro (PD) in Via dell'Università, 12.

Located inside the Agripolis campus, it offers 2 lunch counters, a pizza place, restaurant, and café. 450 seats are available together with high-quality and efficient service.