Quality Policy

ESU is working to improve and offer more efficent services


Strategic values – Since 2008, ESU's policy is based on the following principles:

  • the operations are aimed to the whole student body (generality);

the service aims to create an added value managed thanks to effectiveness and efficiency (efficiency);

priority is given to worthy students in economical difficulty (solidarity);

the system gives priority to meritocracy before income (responsibility);

the system is based on local resources (subsidiarity);

the system encourages international mobility and exchange (mobility).

    ESU believes that the elevated standards of its services and products, as well as the constant improvement of its efficiency, are the foundations for a modern and functioning management of the Right to Higher Education services. Those services contribute to achieving, within the given limits, an improvement of the everyday life of Padova's University students. These services are offered so that people can have access to higher education.

    ESU's food services have as principal users the University and PhD school students, as well as the students of the higher training courses of the Conservatories, the students of the Schools for Interpreters and Translators, students of specialization courses, and students of other Italian and foreign Universities that are attending the University of Padova, students participating in international mobility projects, postgraduates receiving scholarships, researchers, and interns.

    According to Regional Law, article 26 of law n.8 of 1998, food services can be accessed also by other users, with no costs for the company. Following the legislation, ESU offers its services to other structures as well - mainly public and university - taking advantage of synergies and of the most appropriate technical tools. Any additional income finances the institutional activities of the company.

    ESU has elaborated the principal strategic lines to lead to the fulfilment of the mission previously stated:

  • Attention to the client - through efficient instruments of customer satisfaction and communication systems, as well as the constant monitoring (and reduction) of possible complaints, in order to improve the awareness of the clients' necessities and verify the adequacy of the food services provided. This constant monitoring is put into effect so that ESU is able to adapt its services to each and every need, increasing loyalty.

  • Management of the food services: ESU defines the standards of the products, the offer and the costs of the services. Following this view, controls and surveys are regularly performed with the intent to reduce anomalies, introduce innovative solutions in the production and distribution process, as well as maintaining​ constant quality in the products and keeping costs under control. The relationships with qualified suppliers are constantly improved in order to guarantee an high standard of quality and controls, as well as reduce any anomalies and problems;

  • Involvement of the employees of the food services, in order to increase their professionalism, through training and courses, to broaden their knowledge on hygiene and public health regulations, as well as the awareness of the company image, safety regulations and service integration.

The Management and their associates will verify the correct application of the criteria and procedures established by the quality policy. Considering the above-mentioned principles, the Management, following the regulations given by the Management Board, defines every year specific goals, that would be quantified, measured, and valued constantly      


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