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International (prioritarily extra-UE), visiting professors and researchers that need to come to University of Padua for a period of study or work. For these people, ESU provides modern equipped lodgings located in the neighbourhoods of the main university departments and connected to the city centre.


1. Register all your data HERE (prepare your ID/Passport in .pdf format). You will also be asked to put a PASSWORD: remember it, because you will have to use it !

2. You will receive a confirmation of  registration email with your USERNAME.

3. ​Login at “Servizi Online - Sportello Studente”   with your username you received and the password  you chose.

4. Choose the academic year for which you want to request accommodation, click on “Guest Lodge Accommodation - Accommodation Request ” and fill it.

5. You will receive an automatic confirmation email. In case of missing data, you will be contacted with a ticket on “Servizi Online - Sportello Studente”. All subsequent communications will always be sent via a ticket on the portal, so, to check for communications or make requests, it is necessary to access them by entering the user code and login.


There are different kinds of accommodation available: rooms and suites.


The guest lodges are available for weekly and monthly stays, max lenght stay 6 months.

The accommodation comes with additional optional facilitie​s, such as porter’s lodge, internet access, laundry service, etc. in order to provide the guests with a comfortable experience during their visit.

Useful documents:

Guest Lodges Regulations and Fees 2022/23​

Guest Lodges Regulations and Fees 2023/24

For further information contact:

ESU Accommodation


Our guest lodges:


Studio apartments for professors and researchers

Suite Copernico

Apartments for professors and researchers


Legnaro's guest lodge

Single rooms for professors and researchers