​Accommodation for professors and researchers only


Located in the centre of the scientific departments area (called Portello), it is a few minutes walk from the city centre. The structure offers accommodation to professors and researchers only. The structure is spread over three buildings with 12 rooms in each, as well as 2 suites, 4 double rooms with en-suite bathrooms and 24 single rooms with en-suite bathrooms. Every building is equipped with shared kitchen. In building 9 there is a laundry Service (1.50 € washing machine and 1.50 € drying machine). Every room has a TV, minifridge, landline and Internet access.

Esterno Interno


Guests Lodge prices


​Daily fee

 Weekly fee

Monthly fee

 Suite - two bed


 320,00 €

760,00 €

 Single room


 215,00 €

500,00 €

 Double room


 265,00 €

640,00 €

Security deposit for guests using the guesthouse for two or more months: 400,00​ €​​ ​ ​


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