Looking for a University

We offer assistance in making the right choice for your studies


If you have recently graduated from high school, we offer counselling for the choice of the right university path. 

SpaziOrientamento offers individual meetings, guidance counselling meetings and provides events so that its users have the opportunity to receive information relating to their university choice. This will provide them with a comprehensive framework that should help them evaluate, considering their preferences, every aspect of the courses available and identify the best university choice for them.

The different activities we offer to help users in choosing a university path are as follows:

- Individual meetings and group activities

Individual meetings or group activities would be beneficial for anyone who faces the prospect of making a university choice for the first time and would like to understand some of the various aspects of the university world.

The meetings organised by SpaziOrientamento intend to explore different topics, such as:

- information on the university system in general and on the University of Padova in particular;

- a general overview on the various possibilities offered by the Right to University Studies service and the opportunities provided for students (accommodation services, canteens, cultural activities...);

- thorough examination of the users' academic and personal experience with laboratories and group activities.

Contact SpaziOrientamento for further information or book a meeting.

- Orientation training courses

SpaziOrientamento, in collaboration with Padova University Centre (Centro Universitario Padovano), offers the orientation training course "Who I want become".

The service give users the possibility to meet professors and university tutors to help them on their university choice. The meetings are directed towards fourth and fifth year high school students and will take place between February and April, in the afternoon.

At the end of the school year, when all the meetings are completed, the students can participate in a laboratory "A week as a university student", with guided lessons and experiences in the different structures of the University of Padova.

For more information: Centro Universitario Padovano, via Zabarella 82 – Padova, Phone number: 049 8764688,

- Events

ESU SpaziOrientamento and University of Padova provide all high school students the opportunity to access information relating to their university offer and the Right to University Studies service.

The event aims to provide contacts, information and details on the Higher Education Institutions and the Galilean School of Higher Education.

Admission is free! The event usually takes place at the "Agripolis" Campus in Legnaro (Padova).  ​


Contact SpaziOrientamento for further information or book a meeting.