Working horizon

​Providing opportunities to make the most out of your University studies



It is never too early to start asking for information and preparing yourself for the best post-graduation opportunities.

Questions like "what will I do after I graduate?", "what services and opportunities can I access in the area?", "who can I contact for...?" go through everybody's head when they are facing a major change in their life.  

SpaziOrientamento can help you find the answers! You can choose between different paths, such as: 

Individual activities:

- Orientation meeting

It is an individual meeting with an orientation expert who can help you correctly organise all the information you may need to answer your questions. Sometimes, having all the information does not clarify any doubts you may have. You may need someone who act as a "support" for organisational purposes, someone who can help you evaluate the different choices you have available and analyse the decisions you may have to take - with all their complex implications as well.

The consultant activity is designed to respond to the students' different needs.

 - Active research 

résume/CV and presentation letter

professional opportunities and services offered in the area

motivational and selection interview

analysis of previous interviews

choice analysis

key competences framework

re-definition of study career


Group laboratories:

"Work as a protagonist!"  - "Un'impresa da protagonisti!"

It is an experimental laboratory that can help users develop their competences, both on a professional and personal level, in order to achieve their goals.

"Let's travel!" -  "Sì…viaggiare!"

A laboratory on how to prepare for an international experience: discover the various opportunities of studying or working abroad.

"Entering the workforce: be flexible... but how much? - Working contracts and the possibility of becoming entrepreneurs"

Seminar on the various types of contracts and on the tools and incentives to set up your own business (company legal structures, requirements for starting a business, financing, ...).

Moreover, workshops in collaboration with the Chamber of Commerce of Padova (on international trade, marketing and communication, ...).


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