Special Financial Aid

​​For anyone facing financial distress


Every year, Padova's ESU offers the possibility to participate to a competition for the assignment of special grants  for anyone who is in particular and exceptional financial distress.

The grant can be assigned only once in the course of each student's carrer and limited to the achievement of the first qualification for each level of study. It is furthermore incompatible with any scholarship granted with funds allocated by the Veneto Region, University of Padua, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Regions with special statutes, Autonomous Provinces or with another interventions, even extraordinary, provided by any other subject public or private for the academic year of reference.

The students admitted, depending from the course of study, can participate to the assignment for the special grant for more than one year or semester, starting from the year of the first enrolment (at the University of Padua or other universities). Enrollments belonging to careers concluded due to student withdrawal are not counted provided the student did not received any scholarship during the previous enrollment (or, if received, has renounced it with consequent refund of the sum and services provided).

The special grant can also be granted to students enrolled in part-time study programmes in the three-year degree courses, single-cycle master's degree and master's degree (two years).

The students enrolled in the following courses of the University of Padua:

  • three-year degree courses;

  • master degree courses;

  • single-cycle specialist degrees;

  • PhD programmes, not receiving other scholarships.

    Can participate to the competition:

    Students of the higher courses of the Conservatories of Music of Adria, Castelfranco Veneto, Padua, Rovigo and Vicenza can also participate in this competition. Students enrolled in the degree of Music Education are also admitted to the competition, as well as those enrolled in the experimental degrees activated pursuant to the Ministerial Decree 8.10.2003 prot. no. 629 / AFAM / 2003 and 8.01.2004 prot. I / AFAM / 2004.

  • Students enrolled in the graduate courses of the Higher Schools for Language Mediators of Padua, Vicenza (and Belluno branch) activated in agreement to Ministerial Decree 509/99 may also request this grant, as can the students attending the degree courses of CIELS of Padua, Bologna, Gorizia and Milan, activated pursuant to Ministerial Decree 12.03.2010.

    The same conditions apply to students with disabilities as provided by the University / ESU Competition Announcements for the award of regional scholarships (academic year of reference) in relation to the determination of the ISEE, the calculation of merit and the number of years of enrollment for which they can compete.

For further information please contact the Economic Benefit Sector.