Fiduciary Loans

ESU acts as guarantor with banks for students

(Temporary suspended financial aid)​


ESU, Intesa Sanpaolo, and Cassa di Risparmio del Veneto have created a new financial aid called "Fiduciary Loan" to offer economical support to European and non-European deserving students.

The loans are guaranteed by ESU and are granted upon student's request, after ESU's security clearance, on the bank's website (

WHO CAN REQUEST IT:  the loan can be requested by University of Padova students (including doctoral candidates, anyone who is enrolled in a Mastrer program, and in a non-medical specialization), students of the Adria, Castelfranco Veneto, Padova, Rovigo, and Vicenza's Conservatories, and the students of Schools for Cultural and Linguistic Mediators of Padova and Vicenza (see regulations).

THE DETAILS: the loan is granted trough the opening of a credit line, amounts to max 5,000.00 Euros per year, for no more than three years, according to the academic career. The reimbursement must take place within 8 years, in monthly installments with the reference rate applied at the time the loan was granted.

ACCESS REQUIREMENTS: to have access to the fiduciary loan, students must have the merit and financial conditions required by the Veneto Region for the assignation of the regional scholarships. Moreover, for deserving students with economical difficulties that have an ISEE and ISPE below the limit established by the Veneto Region for the access to regional scholarships, ESU - as far as the economical resources allow - will grant a partial interest coverage, considering the duration of the loan and the moratorium year.

EXCLUSIONS: The loan can not be requested by students already receiving a regional or national scholarship, or scholarships from other public companies, and students having already other loans.

Information material:

  • - Fiduciary loans regulations  

  • - Fiduciary loans leaflet

    - Fiduciary loans poster

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