Right to Education

​​​​​​ESU and the economic benefits management


The main goal of the Right to Education services is to give the possibility to reach the highest levels of education to capable and deserving students, regardless of their financial status. The University of Padova and ESU offer students economic benefits and services on favourable terms, giving a significant improvement to the quality of their studies and University life.

The Economical Benefits manages:

 - rankings for facilitated access to University residences​;

-  decideds the fees for the canteen​ and provides a badge to external users;

-  the rankings and the appointments of regional scholarships for students of the higher training courses of the Conservatories, and the students of the Schools for Cultural and Linguistic Mediators;

- competitions for the awarding of international mobility grants​ reserved for Conservatories and SSML students;​

- the ranking and the appointments of extraordinary financial aids;

- Student loans in agreement with the banks Intesa Sanpaolo and Cassa di Risparmio del Veneto. 

In order to be allocated the benefits and services provided by ESU, it is necessary to ask a copy of the ISEE (indication of financial standing) to the Italian CAF association (GUIDELINES).

For further information contact: 

Economic Benefits Office​