Regional Contributions

​ESU manages the distribution of regional contributions

(Temporary suspended financial aid) 


With the Resolution n. 3592 of 28th November 2003, and subsequent amendments and additions, the Veneto Regional Council approved the criteria and the implementation procedures of the Regional Law n.16 of 2002 and appointed ESU - Padova's Regional Company for the Right to University Education - to manage financial contributions for the improvement of the regional healthcare service.


The payment of the contribution does not affect the working activity, and may be combined with other prizes, cheques, and benefits given by other public and private companies.

ESU - Padova's Regional Company for the Right to Higher Education - supervises all the management activities and operations concerning the contributions.

ESU's Ufficio Benefici ed Interventi (Benefits and Operations Office) is the frame of reference for anyone who is interested from both Padova and Verona University.

For further information contact:​

ESU - Ufficio Benefici ed Interventi​ (​Benefits and Operations Office)