Conservatoire and Schools for Linguistic Mediators Scholarships

General information on the competition and DSU Regional Tax


ESU Padua annually announces the competition for the assignment of university accommodation and regional scholarships reserved for students at Conservatoires and Schools for Linguistic Mediators.

WHO CAN PARTICIPATE? Students who are enrolled/enrolling at: Conservatoires of Adria, Castelfranco Veneto, Padova, Rovigo, Vicenza; Schools for Linguistic Mediators in Padova, Vicenza, Belluno; CIELS Padua and Milan.

THE NOTICE: The methods and criteria for accessing the benefit are described in the Single Notice of Competition approved by Decree of the Extraordinary Commissioner of ESU No. 8 of 08/07/2021.

OFF-SITE - COMMUTER - ON-SITE STATUS: For the definition of the status of Off-Site, Commuter and On-Site, students must strictly comply with the Table of geographical distances  published by the University. For the purpose of accommodation, students with motor or visual disabilities can state that they are Off-Site regardless of their municipality of residence.


For students enrolled on 1st year: the requirement is assessed ex-post;

For students enrolled on subsequent years: merit requirements (credits) must be met by 10.08.2021.


To obtain ISEE per le Prestazioni Agevolate del Diritto allo Studio (ISEE for Right to Study subsidies): the DSU (Single Substitute Declaration) should be submitted well in advance to the CAF - Tax Assistance Centre - or other competent structures (Municipalities, INPS). The time necessary for INPS to issue the ISEE certificate is at least 15 working days from when the DSU is submitted.

 The ISEE certificate must not contain any discrepancies and/or omissions.

Students who are:

-        Foreign students with family unit NOT residing in Italy;

-     Foreign students residing in Italy (non-autonomous) and with family residing abroad;

-        Italian students residing abroad

for the purposes of obtaining the ISEE Parificato Universitario, students must apply, by the deadlines indicated in the notice, to the CAF with which ESU and the University of Padua have special arrangements:




Tel. 049/7783100 (every morning from 8:30 to 13:00)

Students must complete and sign a specific authorisation, available from the University website page (e-mail addresses should be indicated in a clear and legible manner to facilitate communications and sending of the ISEE)

Students, with the complete documentation including the  authorisation, must:

-       upload documents on the portal that CAF CIA will make available as of 12 July 2021. To access the portal, students must request credentials by communicating their tax code and telephone number by e-mail to

The following are permitted under exceptional circumstances;

-         postal or courier delivery to the address: CAF CIA PADOVA  - VIA LONGHIN, 25 – 35129 PADOVA (PD), Italia;

-         delivery of all original documents (no copies or scans) in a sealed envelope to the same address as of 19 July 2021


Submitting the application online

For the A.Y. 2021/2022, interested students must complete the application only  via the Sportello Studente / Student Help Desk as follows:


The following categories cannot ACCESS using SPID:

Students under the age of 18

International adult students who do not have a valid Italian identity document and who do not have an Italian tax code.

These categories MUST proceed with:

ACCREDITATION by username and password of the person concerned with UPLOAD of a copy in PDF format of a valid Passport

-  COMPILAZIONE FORM Alloggio e borse di studio studenti Conservatori/SSML

Once confirmed, the application MUST BE supplemented with further information by accessing the areas:

completion of income data 2021/2022 in which the financial data taken from the ISEE for DSU/ISEE Parificato certification must be entered;

Carica Documenti/Upload Documents, upload the required documents (e.g. identity document).

Students can edit their application up until the deadline indicated in the competition notice.

To facilitate completing the Form, please download and carefully read the Instructions for filling in application.


Period for submitting applications

accommodation:     from 12 July 2021   (h.13.00) to  7 Septetmber 2021 (h. 13.00)

scholarship:             from 12 July 2021   (h. 13.00) to 21 Septetmber 2021 (h. 13.00)

Read the summary of ESU benefits-services


N.B.: For regional scholarships reserved for university students, please refer to competition notice published by the University of Padua.

DSU Regional Tax for A.Y. 2021/2022 

For the A.Y. 2021/2022 the amount due for D.S.U Regional Tax is Euro 173.00.

With Regional Law No. 15 of 28.06.2013, the Veneto Region has provided for new regulations regarding the amount of the Regional Tax, divided into 3 bands linked to the student's ability to contribute .

To take advantage of a reduction in the tax, students must self-certify their financial position by filling in the SELF-CERTIFICATION form (to be sent, together with .pdf of a valid identification document) by initiating a "Ticket" in the appropriate area of the portal  - as a rule, by 30 November 2021 - by means of which reimbursement of the greater amount paid can also be requested.

Pursuant to Article 3, paragraphs 20 and 23 of Law No. 549 of 28.12.1995, the payment of the Regional Tax for the right to university study is compulsory for enrolment in university study courses.

Only students at Conservatoires, who are also enrolled at Veneto Region universities for the A.Y. 2021/2022 - are exempt from paying the Regional Tax.

N.B. Payment of the Regional Tax is to be made exclusively by

accessing the PagoPa - MyPay portal

where students, in Altre Tipologie di pagamento (Other Types of payment), must select Tassa  Regionale DSU, then > Procedi (further information here).

Next, choose a Bank/Istituto di Credito: choose the one that applies the lower fee (your own bank may not be on the list).


For further information, contact the Settore Diritto allo Studio/ Right to Study Sector also by initiating a "Ticket" at the  Sportello Studente/Student Help Desk > Diritto allo Studio/Right to Study.