Accommodation Competition A.Y. 2021-2022

Reserved for University of Padua Students


By Decree of the Extraordinary Commissioner the Competition Notice for the allocation of ESU accommodation, reserved for students enrolled/enrolling at the University of Padua for the A.Y.2021-2022 was approved.


Online applications can be completed from 13:00 on 12 July 2021, exclusively by accessing the Online Services of the portal, and involves the following steps:



The following categories cannot ACCESS using SPID:

Students under the age of 18

International adult students who do not have a valid Italian identity document and who do not have an Italian tax code.

These categories MUST proceed with:

  • ACCREDITATION by means of username and password of the person concerned + UPLOAD of a copy in PDF format of a valid passport

  • COMPLETION OF FORM Student Accommodation University of Padua

Once confirmed, the application MUST BE supplemented, by accessing the areas:

  • Completion of 2021/2022 income data, in which the financial data taken from the ISEE or ISEE Parificato universitario certification must be entered
  • Upload documents, inserting the required documents (e.g. identity document)


Students can modify their application up until the application submission deadline, indicated in the Competition Notice.


 Online application deadlines

Subsequent Years Students, Doctoral students, Postgraduates (not medical area)

                                                                                      25 August 2021  (13:00)

First years      Students, Doctoral students, Postgraduates (not medical area)

                                                                                       31 August 2021   (13:00) 


Upon entering the residence, students must already be enrolled at the University for the A.Y.2021-2022.


Please read the Covid 19 Protocol.


ISEE for Right to University Study Subsidies

As regards the determination of the Indicators of Equivalent Economic/Asset Situation, the Competition Notice absorbs the provisions of DPCM N ° 159/2013 as amended and supplemented and the Regional Resolution on the Right to University Study.

The maximum values established for the 2021-2022 academic year are:

ISEE for DSU subsidies                                    23,626.32 Euro

ISPE (ISP/equivalence scale)                                     36,399.72 Euro 

 Applicants must request their ISEE Certification for the right to university study subsidies from the CAF, by submitting their "DSU" (Dichiarazione Sostitutiva Unica/Single Substitute Declaration), well in advance of the competition deadlines.



Using the online pre-completed ISEE service, it is possible to send the Dichiarazione Sostitutiva Unica (DSU Single Substitute Declaration) electronically to INPS and obtain a pre-completed ISEE certificate, thus avoiding going to the CAF.


ISEE CORRENTE - CURRENT ISEE - (valid at the Notice deadline date)

The Growth Decree (art 28 bis Law n° 58/2019) expands the sphere of request of the current ISEE. Students whose family unit has had a change in employment situation or a variation, greater than 25%, in income situation indicator may request it. The validity period of the current ISEE is extended from two to six months, starting from the date of submission of the substitute form. A copy of the ISEE must be uploaded to the Carica Documenti/Load Documents section of the Sportello Studente/Student Help Desk.

The ISEE certificate issued must not contain any discrepancies and/or omissions. 

ISEE Parificato Universitario 

For students who are:

-      Foreign students with family unit NOT residing in Italy;

-      Foreign students residing in Italy (non-autonomous) and with family residing abroad;

-     Italian students residing abroad, whether or not enrolled in the Italian Resident Abroad Registry (AIRE) for the purposes of obtaining the ISEE Parificato Universitario, must apply, by the deadlines indicated in the notice, to the CAF with which ESU and the University of Padua have special arrangements:




Tel. 049/7783100 (every morning from 8:30  to 13:30)


Students must complete and sign a specific authorisation, available from the University website page (e-mail addresses should be indicated in a clear and legible manner to facilitate communications and sending of the ISEE)

Students, with the complete documentation including the authorisation, must:

- upload documents on the portal that CAF CIA will make available as of 12 July 2021. To access the portal, students must request credentials by communicating their tax code and telephone number by e-mail to

The following are permitted under exceptional circumstances;

- postal or courier delivery to the address: CAF CIA PADOVA  - VIA LONGHIN, 25 – 35129 PADUA (PD), Italy;

- delivery of all original documents (no copies or scans) in a sealed envelope to the same address as of 19 July 2021


Further Information:

 Information for ESU Services Benefits A.Y. 2021-2022

Instructions for completing online application

Deadlines for applications and publication of lists/rankings

Accommodation Residences and Fees

General Regulations of the University Residences 2021-2022

ESU Covid-19 Protocol


Students in the "Off-Site" or "Commuter" categories can participate in the assignment of accommodation.

The benefit is granted to students with merit and income eligibility requirements.

For the definition of the status of Off-Site and Commuter, students must strictly comply with the Table of geographical distances published by the University.

For the purpose of accommodation only, students with motor or visual disabilities can state that they are Off-Site regardless of their municipality of residence.


Payment of deposit

In the portal > Sportello studente/Student Help Desk, Students assigned accommodation will find the offer and in the Pago PA-MyPay section the deposit (Euro 300.00) and the terms for making payment using the system PAGO PA-MyPay.

The payment of the deposit constitutes confirmation of the assigned accommodation, which will be made unavailable to others.

Once the payment deadline has expired without the student having paid the deposit, the benefit will lapse and the accommodation place will be returned to the total remaining availability.

The deposit will be transformed into a security deposit once you have taken the accommodation.

For further information, contact the Settore Diritto allo Studio/ Right to Study Sector