A.A. 2023/2024 housing competition

reserved for students of the University of Padova 


By the Director's Decree no. 166/2023, the Competition Notice for the assignment of Esu Housing reserved for students enrolled at the University of Padova for the academic year 2023-2024 was approved.

The Competition for the assignment of ESU Accommodation is open to students who fall into the category of off-site and commuter students enrolled/pending enrolment in three-year degree courses, magistral (two-year) degree courses, single-cycle magistral degree courses, PhD courses, specialisation schools (non-medical area).

Starting from 12 noon on 7 July 2023, exclusively by accessing the ESU of Padova online services from the institutional portal, it is possible to fill in the application, which involves the following steps:

1) ACCESS: 'LOGIN with MyID, SPID or CIE';

            1. Italian students and foreign students in possession of an Italian identity card and residence permit are required to log in with SPID or CIE.

  1. International students, not in possession of a valid Italian identity document, and not in possession of a tax code cannot log in with SPID.

    The above-mentioned students must proceed with ACCREDITATION by using the username and password of the interested party and uploading their valid Passport, compulsorily in PDF format. This access allows the opening of "Esu Padova - Student Desk" from which it is possible to activate all areas of interest.

2) FILL IN THE APPLICATION FORM from the student desk in the "HOUSING FOR STUDENTS OF PADOVA UNIVERSITY" area. Students may modify/complete their application (e.g. status, personal details, income data...) no later than the application deadline;

3) APPLICATION INTEGRATION: once the application has been CONFIRMED, the student MUST ENTER the "INCOME DATA COMPLETION" area, where the economic data from the ISEE 2023 or ISEE Parificato universitario 2023 certificate concerning subsidised benefits for the Right to University Study must be entered.

    • Students resident in Italy must enter the identification data of the ISEE Attestation (INPS protocol number and date of issue) and the ISR, ISP and ISE values resulting from the ISEE Attestation.

    • foreign or Italian students resident abroad must enter the date of issue and the ISPEU and ISEU values resulting from the ISEE Parificato 2023 Certificate. 

The "Completion of income data" area remains active even after the application deadline. The student may therefore complete the ISEE data even after the application deadline, as long as the DSU has been submitted by the application deadline and the relative data has been reported in the "HOUSING FOR STUDENTS OF PADOVA UNIVERSITY".

4) UPLOAD DOCUMENTS in the appropriate section "UPLOAD DOCUMENTS" where any required documents must be entered (e.g. ISEE Parificato certificate...)

Deadlines for submitting the online application:

Subsequent years: students/phdspecialists students (no medical area)

22 August 2023 (12 noon)


First years: EU/international students/doctoral/specialists students (no medical area)

29 August 2023 (12 noon)

ISEE Parificato Universitario

The maximum values set for A.Y. 2023-2024 are:

    ISEE benefits for the DSU > euro 26.306,25

    ISPE (ISP divided by equivalence scale) > euro 40.031,27


Please note: These values may be subject to change following the approval of the Annual Regional Plan for the implementation of the Right to University Studies for the academic year 2023/2024.

In order to obtain the ISEE Parificato universitario (university ISEE) they must contact, well in advance of the Competition deadlines, the CAF that has an agreement with ESU and the University of Padova



The ISEE statement issued must not have any discrepancies and/or omissions.

Students who have to take the Isee Parificato are

- foreigners with a family nucleus NOT resident in Italy

- foreigners resident in Italy (not self-employed) and with a family nucleus resident abroad;

- Italians resident abroad, whether or not enrolled in the Italian Registry Office (AIRE) The ISEE Parificato is an official certificate indicating the student's economic situation in a given year based on family status, income, assets and expenses. The student will have to provide information and documentation on his/her and your family's annual income and assets.

The student must follow the instructions that will be available on the Ateneo page

Please read carefully the Competition Notice, the Tutorials and the Faq.



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