Accommodation Competition A.Y. 2022-2023

Reserved for University of Padua Students


By Director’s Decree n, 158/2022 the Housing Competition Notice was approved for the allocation of ESU Housing, reserved for students enrolled/enrolling at the University of Padua for the A.Y.2022-2023. Only Off-site and commuter students can participate.
For the definition of off-site and commuter status the student must strictly adhere to the Table of geographical distance from the University 

Starting from 18.00 on 12 july 2022, only by accessing the online services of Esu of Padova from the institutional portal, it is possible to fill in the application which includes the following steps:
1. ACCESS: "LOG IN with MyID, SPID or CIE"

They cannot LOG IN with SPID:

  • Students under the age of 18
  • International adult students, not in possession of a valid Italian identity document and not in possession of a  italian tax code (Codice fiscale).
These categories MUST proceed with ACCREDITATION by  username and password of the person concerned + UPLOAD of a copy in PDF format of a valid passport

2. FILLING IN THE FORM  “Housing for students of Padua University”

3. CONFIRM the completed application by the date and time indicated in the competition announcement.

Once confirmed, the application MUST BE supplemented, by accessing the areas:

  • Completion of income data 2022/2023
  • Upload documents,in which to insert any required documents  (i.e permit of stay, ISEE Parificato)
Students can modify their application until the application submission deadline, indicated in the Notice of Competition.


Subsequent years: students/Phd/Postgraduates School(no medical area)
August 26th 2022 (h. 6pm)

First years (included master degrees): students/Phd/Postgraduates school (no medical area)
August 31st 2022 (h. 1pm) 


ISEE subsidized services for the Right to the University Study 
The maximum values established for the 2022-2023 academic year are:

  • ISEE for DSU > 24.335,11 Euro
  • ISPE > 37.031,71 Euro

Fot the issuance of the ISEE certificate for subsidized services for the right to university study, the interested party must apply - well in advance of the competition deadlines – to the CAF where he will submit his DSU (Single Substitute Declaration/ Dichiarazione Sostitutiva Unica).

The ISEE certificate issued must no present any discrepancies and/or omissions

ISEE Parificato Universitario 

For students:
  • Foreigners with family NOT resident in Italy;
  • Foreigners residing in Italy (not -autonomous) and with family residing abroad;
  • Italian residing abroad, whether or not registered in the Italian Resident Abroad Registry (AIRE) for the purposes of obtaining the ISEE Parificato Universitario, must apply, within the deadlines indicated in the announcement, to the CAF affiliated with ESU and the University of Padua:

Tel. 049/7783100 (every morning from 8:30  to 13:30)
Students must complete and sign a specific authorisation, available from the University website page (e-mail addresses should be indicated in a clear and understandable way,  to facilitate the sending of communications and the ISEE)

For all information relating to the ISEE, please read the Notice of Competition carefully.

For further information

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