Talking with companies ... what a "business"!

Because active labour policies cannot work without dialogue with companies

Orientamento    22/05/2019 08:46

​After having listened to the interventions of some of the authoritative members that in various ways characterize the world of work, Federica Bruni will lead an afternoon of three voices: the last meeting of the ITINERA course.
Gianpiero Vecchiato, entrepreneur and company welfare expert, will join, Silvia Gori, entrepreneur and promoter company networking, Umberto Piron, protagonist of the Solidarity Fund, through Cassa di Risparmio and Caritas di Padova.

​​The meeting is open to everyone, even to those who have not participated in the entire course.​

To enroll click on the following link.


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Updated on:
27 May 2019