Accommodation Competition A.Y. 2022-2023

Update on 07/10/2022

Residenze    12/07/2022 15:45

By Director’s Decree n, 158/2022 the Housing Competition Announcement was approved for the allocation of ESU Housing, reserved for students enrolled/enrolling at the University of Padua for the A.Y.2022-2023. Only Off-site and commuter students can participate.

The filling in of applications closed on 31 August.

We are continuing to make weekly assignments (every Tuesday) using the places that were not accepted in the previous assignment and any places that have become available as a result of renunciations by previously assigned students. Assignments will continue until all places are available.

In the last allocation of 4 October, 40 offers were set: the places available in the next allocations will be fewer and fewer.

To date, there are over 420 eligible students in subsequent years.

To date, there are over 480 eligible first-year students (non-assignees) distributed as follows:

  • 340 eligible three-year students First-Year

  • 140eligible master's students First-year

The reserve of places for Non-EU First Years is exhausted and therefore no further allocations will be made.

The number of eligible commuter students is over 100 and places can only be allocated once the list of out-of-state students has been exhausted.

We would like to point out that the acquisition of ISEE data from INPS has been discontinued, resulting in the stabilisation of the ranking list.
It is advisable to check the position in the ranking by accessing so as to be able to make the appropriate considerations.


If you are NO LONGER interested in being assigned to an Esu Residence, we kindly ask you to communicate this by NO LATER THAN MONDAY 10 OCTOBER 2022, by means of the appropriate ticket in > Diritto allo Studio. 
Anyone who communicates that they are not interested will be considered to have withdrawn from the relevant ranking.


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10 October 2022