Accommodation and Regional Scholarships single Competition AY 2022-2023 - AFAM

Update on 08/11/2022 - Publication of DEFINITIVE rankings

Esu    29/07/2021 09:30

With the Director's Decree no. 171/2022 the Competition Announcement was approved for the assignment of Scholarships and ESU Housing reserved for students enrolled / enrolled in Conservatories and SSML for the A.Y. 2022-2023.

The filling in of accommodation applications closed on 12 September, the filling in of applications for the scholarship closed on 21 September.

By the Director's Decree no. 249/2022 and 254/2022, the DEFINITIVE Ranking for the allocation of the A.A. 2022-2023 Scholarships is approved.

Within one's personal area in Sportello Studente it is possible to view the position within the individual aggregation while in the ranking the individual position is detailed.

One's position can be verified through the application protocol number shown in the upper left corner on the receipt available within one's personal area in Sportello Studente.

The disbursement of the monetary part of the Scholarships is expected by 30 November 2022.

The allocation of the 18 housing places reserved for AFAM students ended today and no further allocations will be made.


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16 November 2022