Accommodation and Regional Scholarships single Competition AY 2021-2022 - AFAM

Publication of the competition notice for Conservatoire/Higher School for Linguistic Mediators students only

Esu    29/07/2021 09:30

By Decree of the Extraordinary Commissioner of ESU n. 8 of 14/07/2020  the Single Notice of Competition reserved for students at Conservatoires and Schools for Linguistic Mediators for the allocation of ESU accommodation and regional scholarships A.Y. 2021/2022 was approved.

Submitting Online application on the Portal

Accommodation application submission period:

from 12 July (13:00) to 7 September 2021 (13:00)

Scholarship application submission period:

from 12 July (13:00) to 21 September 2021 (13:00)

Please read:

Covid-19 Protocol

Instructions for completing accommodation application

 Information about ESU benefits services


Click here for all the information about the competition notice


For further information, contact the Right to Study Sector


Initiate a "Ticket" in  Sportello Studente/Student Help Desk


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30 July 2021