Company Disclosure

​​​​Information on company disclosure is published under article 1, paragraphs 15-33, Law n.190 of 6th November 2012.


​Budgets and Final Balance Sheets (art.1, paragraph 15)

Balance Sheet 2013

Balance Sheet 2014

Balance Sheet 2015

Balance Sheet 2016

Unit costs of construction of public works and production of services provided for citizens. (art.1, paragraph 15)

The data on these production costs are going to be published soon.

Selected partners for public works, supplies, and services (art.1, paragraphs 16 and 32)

2013 - Contracts

2014 - Contracts

2015 - Contracts

2016 - Contracts

Contratti ANAC(XML)

ANAC dataset 2015

ANAC dataset 2016


Authorisation and distribution of subsidies, grants, financial aids, as well as allocation of financial benefits to public and private bodies (art.1, paragraph 16)

Currently, no subsidies, grants, financial aids, or financial benefits have been authorised or approved as regulated by article 1, paragraph 16.

Rankings and selection tests (art.1, paragraph 16)

There are currently no rankings or selection tests available.

Company's Organisational Chart

Organisational Chart

Administrators and Consultants payments

Administrators payments  

Consultants payments


Prevention and anti-corruption strategy

Appointment of the Anti-Corruption Officer

Anti-corruption action plan 2015-2017

Three year action plan 2015-2017

Attachment A to the three year action plan (risk list)

Anti-corruption action plan 2016-2018

Three year plan 2016-2018

Attachment A to the three year plan 2016 (risk list)

Three year plan 2017-2019